What is Content Marketing?

what is content marketingWhat is content marketing? You’ve heard this term thrown around a lot in social media. But what does it really mean for you and your online business?

If you are an online marketer or looking to get started, today I’m talking about what exactly is content marketing, why it’s important and how the heck do you actually do it?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

What’s all that mean?

You’re not just throwing content out there. Your purpose is to provide value that is meaningful to your audience.

Be a problem solver and educate people on so they get to know like and trust you.

Understanding what is Content Marketing also means knowing your audience so you know what type of content is meaningful to them.

I talk to lots of people who just throw online content out there and hope it sticks.

That’s not the best content marketing strategy if your end goal is to attract and convert prospects into leads and customers.

Here’s why. Value is what changes the definition from advertising to content marketing.

Most people tend to avoid advertising whereas well-thought out content marketing is sought out and consumed by people.

That’s why you need it for your business!

Four Examples of Content Marketing

Content comes in many shapes and forms. It’s a way to deliver your message to your audience.

There are so many content marketing strategies that it would make your head spin. I’ve got four examples of content marketing to get you thinking in the right direction: Blogging, video, infographics and podcasts.

  • Blogging. Is all blogging content marketing? Not really. If you just post stuff that is boring or full of fluff, where’s the value
  • Video. Creating a content marketing video is easier than you think and really gives you a chance to make a real connection with your audience. Just remember to keep it value-driven.
  • Infographics. You know those vertical images that are full of all types of information? If you don’t have to time to create them yourself, create a Pinterest board and curate others that give education and value to your audience.
  • Podcasts. This is another great way to give advice and value to your audience. Everyone likes to digest content in different ways and you’ll be in front of a whole other audience on iTunes.

There are tons of content marketing opportunities. Find what resonates with you and start moving in that direction.

Before you write that next blog post or create your next video, ask yourself if it will be meaningful to your audience. If not, rethink it!

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