Top 3 Mistakes in Blog Titles

Top 3 Mistakes in Blog TitlesWriting powerful blog titles are important to get traffic to your website. It’s not what you say but how you say it.

If your post is discovered in search results, the title of your blog post is what will set yours apart from the other search results and inspire someone to click on it.

With content marketing, you need to make connection with your target audience. Your first connection point is sometimes your blog titles.

How do people feel when they see your headline over someone elses?

By using keywords, emotions and power words, you can create titles that get results on your blog posts.

Video – Blog Title Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Blog Headlines that You Should Never Use

Blog Headline Mistake #1: Using a Topic

If you use a topic for the titles of your blog posts, that won’t grab anyone’s attention. For example, a topic is Losing Weight.

Instead, you can change it something more compelling like:

5 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

Blog title Mistake #2 – Challenges

If you are in a 90-day blog challenge, are you writing Blog titles like this:

  • Day 32 – Getting Better Each Day
  • 90-Day Blog: Day 42
  • Day 45 of the 90-Day Blogging Challenge

If yes, this is a huge mistake. These type of blog titles do nothing for your SEO (search engine optimization). If your blog post did show up in search results, would it compel someone to click on it?

These type of blogging headlines do not convey any value to a reader or tell the reader what the post if about.

If you are in a blog challenge, write posts that provide real value to your target market and a title that

compels a person to click on it.

Blog Post Headline Mistake #3 – Weak Blog Titles

Without a compelling headline, people won’t be inspired to read your post. Take the time to write titles for your blog posts that have maximum impact.

There are many ways to improve your headlines to reach a larger audience online. I recommend you check out the headline analyzer by CoSchedule. You can analyze your headlines for free and get educated on how to write better titles.

Have you been paying attention to your blog titles? Share your best headline tips in the comments so the community can benefit too!

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