Shameless Self Promotion – Add Your Blog or YouTube Videos Links

Shameless Self PromotionToday’s post is all about shameless self-promotion. We all want to promote our blog posts, videos or YouTube channels to gain exposure.

One way to do that is right here at Savvy Online Marketing!

That’s right. I wanted to give everyone a place to share their blog posts, YouTube channels and videos, while connecting with others.

So this blog post is dedicated to shameless self-promotion for YOU! Connecting with others is a good thing for your brand!

How to Shamelessly Promote Yourself Here

Although social media provides amazing opportunities to promote your blog or videos, blog commenting is another powerful marketing method.

Video – Shameless Self Promotion

Ready for some free promotion? Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill in the comment form.
  2. Write a brief description about YOU in the comment area. Don’t worry, just one or two sentences will be fine.
  3. Next, include a link to one of the following:
    – Blog post
    – YouTube video
    – YouTube channel
  4. Here’s the fun part! After you promote your blog or video here, choose 2 or more commenters and do one of the following:
    – Comment on their blog post
    – Subscribe to their YouTube channel
    – Like/comment on their video.

Let’s work together to drive traffic and make connections!

I am looking forward to connecting with you via this shameless self -promotion blog post! I will keep this open for the next few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed this post about Shameless Self Promotion! Now go promote yourself in the comments!