Creating a Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

If you are just getting started with Internet marketing, creating a content marketing strategy checklist is a must for online success. Don’t skip this step.

Many people think they can just start a blog or YouTube channel and create whatever they want to and experience success. This is simply not true.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

Having a content marketing plan is a must and will help you work more efficiently going forward.

Think about why you want to market your business online. I’m sure you want to get leads and convert them to customers, right?

If that’s your intention, then creating a content marketing strategy checklist will help you to optimize how you are perceived by your audience and increase conversions.

Video – Content Marketing Checklist

Remember that any content marketing plan is a start. As you evolve in your online business, make changes to it.

If you are new to content marketing, check out this blog post “what is content marketing“.

Content Marketing Strategy Checklist – 8 Essential Best Practices

The majority of businesses who succeed online have a well-thought-out content marketing strategy. This is your competition so you need to have one too.

1 – Who is your audience?

Before you do any content creation, ask yourself who your audience is. If you read my blog post about “What is content marketing,” you see that it’s not really about selling. That would be advertising. Content marketing is about providing value and education your audience about topics that will help them in some way.

Do your research to understand exactly who your ideal customer is. This is the first item on your content marketing strategy checklist. What problems do they face? What will help solve those problems?

2 – Does my content provide value?

This goes hand-in-hand with knowing your audience. Providing content that is useful in some way to your audience will help you gain their trust. Be sure that there is a point to your content. I read lots of blog posts that are all fluff and no substance. Ask yourself if you would want to take the time to read it and what your takeaway is.

3 – Do you have a call-to-action?

As your audience is reading your blog post or watching your video, what do you want them to do next? Remember that content marketing is like a journey that you take your audience on. That’s why you need a content marketing strategy checklist, so you remember the importance of each step of the journey. Perhaps you want your viewers to opt-in to your email list, contact you, watch a related video, get more information about a product and so on. This is how you continue the relationship beyond your content.

I read lots of blog post that don’t direct me to do anything at all. So if you are putting in the time to write or make a video, don’t leave out your call to action.

4 – Is your content easy to read?

How is your blog content organized? Be sure to break it into smaller paragraphs and included subheadings. Lists, numbered or bullets, will also help to break your blog post into organized sections that make it easier to read and digest. Whenever I come upon a blog post that is just a giant block of text, I leave the page because I can’t read it.

In a similar fashion if you create video content, don’t waste time at the beginning with boring stuff. The first 15 seconds should convey to the viewer what they will learn about in your video. If you make them first sit through your name, location, a bumper and who knows what else, you will lose the viewer.

5 – Did you include images?

I love images and enjoy branding mine. There are lots of website where you can download free images with no attribution. You can also use to add your own text or other objects to your image. Images should be properly labeled with your keywords to enhance the search engine optimization aspect of your blog post. Some of my favorites are and

6 – Include links in your blog posts and videos descriptions

Be sure to have a linking plan. When you write a blog post, include links to other relevant information on your blog as well as links to your call to action. The action usually will take a user away from your content.

The same content marketing strategy applies to video. Include links in the description as well as annotations. YouTube likes viewers to stay on YouTube so be sure to include links to other relevant videos.

7 – Post on a set schedule

Your content marketing strategy checklist should include a publishing schedule. Consider what days/times work best for your schedule and then stick with it. If you publish 10 posts this week and 1 next week, that’s not an effective content marketing strategy. Be consistent no matter what.

This is how you build trust with your audience. One great way to stay consistent is to carve out a bulk set of hours, write 10 or more blog posts (or videos). Publish these on a consistent schedule. Add to the list each week with an additional two posts or videos. This way, even if you get sick or super busy, the work is done and you just need to publish it (schedule ahead of time.)

8 – How will your promote your content?

Whew! All this work and you are still not done. Once you publish content, it’s up to you to promote it. This is a key component of your content marketing strategy. Some ideas for your social media marketing plan:

  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus communities
  • Blog comments
  • Video likes and commenting
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Remember, you want as many people viewing your content as possible.

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I hope you got some value from these 8 essential best practices as part of your content marketing strategy.

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What does your content marketing strategy checklist look like? Share your ideas in the comments.