How to Set Up SiteGround Web Hosting

Learn how to setup web hosting with SiteGround and install WordPress for your blog. Finding the best web host is crucial to your success as a blogger.

SiteGround Web Hosting for WordPress

I’ve used many web hosts over the years and recently transferred one of my blogs over to SiteGround. Over the next few months, I plan to transfer the others over.

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If you are just starting with a WordPress blog, this is the perfect time to choose the best web hosting solution for your self-hosted WordPress blog. If you are confused about what “self-hosted” means, click here for an informative post I wrote about FREE WordPress vs Self-hosted.

I decided to go with SiteGround web host for these important reasons:

I chose SiteGround hosting for these reasons:

Some of my biggest concerns with web hosting are (no particular order):

  • Easy to set up
  • Web site speed
  • Reliable up time
  • Customer Service
  • Low Cost

SiteGround had top marks for all my concerns. So far I am very happy with the service, speed, customer service and the cost is amazing!

Get your SiteGround web hosting here. Watch my video on how simple it is to set up your hosting account and install WordPress. You can get it done in just a few minutes!

You get so much value for your money with SiteGround, plus they make it simple to get started. I’m happy with their web hosting so far and recommend it to anyone who needs to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

If you want a great cost, mighty security, insane speed and guru support, grab your SiteGround web hosting now!

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