How to Find Keywords for YouTube Videos

Finding keywords for YouTube videos is your first step before you ever create a video. Your goal is to get your video content in front of the people that are searching for it.

Find the best YouTube Keywords

If your video content does not get found in YouTube and Google search queries, it will be difficult for you to build an audience or get views unless you are using paid ads).

As the second largest search engine in the world, finding the best keywords for YouTube videos will make it possible for your channel to get discovered in search.

After doing YouTube keyword research, identify the ones that will address the needs of people who are searching for that topic.

As you perform your YouTube keyword research, your strategy is to:

  • Find the pain of your target audience
  • Sell the pain relief – that is the solution to their problem

Video – YouTube Keyword Research

How to Find YouTube Keywords

Today I have two YouTube keyword search strategies to share:

YouTube’s Autocomplete Feature

YouTube has something called predictive search. As you start to type in the YouTube search box, a drop-down list of suggestions appears.

These searches are highly searched terms related to your original search term. As you continue typing, the results update based on your typing.

If you don’t see the results you want, keep typing and the results will update.

YouTube autocomplete is a must to find YouTube keywords.

Google’s Autocomplete Feature

Google’s autocomplete search features works in a similar fashion to YouTube search. Just start typing your general idea for a topic and the Google autocomplete suggestion drop-down appears.

These results are the most popular searches from real people.

As an added bonus, once you type in a search term, scroll to the bottom of the page for Google Related Keywords.

Using these methods for the best keywords for YouTube videos will give an endless supply of topics to create videos about.

Start keeping a file on your computer with a list of keywords that you can refer back to at any time.

And remember to include your YouTube keyword phrases into the video title, description and tags for best results.

How are you doing keyword research for your YouTube videos? Share your best tips in the comments.

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