How to Create SEO WordPress Friendly URL

How to Create SEO WordPress Friendly URLCreating an SEO WordPress friendly URL is the first thing you should do when starting a WordPress blog. That is exactly what I’ll be teaching you today.

I am taking you behind the scenes in WordPress to show you how to create an SEO WordPress friendly URL.

In WordPress, the URLs are known as permalinks. They are used by search engines to for page or post discovery in search results. The default WordPress custom permalink structure uses a database number which is not pretty and gives no information about the blog post.

Using a WordPress friendly URL helps the search engines and helps users get more information about your posts and pages.

Watch the full video for how to change permalinks in WordPress.

Selecting a permalink that is a WordPress friendly URL helps in the following ways:

  • Used by search engines for post or page discovery
  • Supplies a permanent location for blog visitors and search engines
  • A unique identifier for every piece of content on your blog

How to Change the Permalink Structure in WordPress

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, select Settings.
  2. Click Permalinks. The Permalinks page displays.
  3. Select a permalink structure

I prefer the Post Name WordPress permalink structure. For example, Post Name looks like this:

Whereas the Default WordPress URL structure is not SEO friendly and looks something like this:

Changing the permalink structure to create SEO WordPress friendly URLs is simple. If you have questions, please leave a comment!

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