Boost Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you struggling to convert website traffic into leads and customers? You need to boost your conversion rate optimization.

If you are already getting lots of traffic to your website every day, but those visitors are not taking action, you need to do something about or your online business won’t grow.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting traffic to your website is important and the next step is converting that traffic to leads and customers.

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After I learned about conversion rate optimization, I turned thousands of website visitors into customers with some of the tips here.

Before I get into some tips, let me answer the question: What is conversion rate optimization? A conversion is when a user takes some type of action on your website.

Also known as a call-to-action (CTA), it is what you want your visitor to do. For example:

  • Opt-in to email list
  • Purchase a product
  • Contact you
  • View a video
  • Download a file
  • or something else.

Do you have a call to action? If not, that is the first thing you need to improve. I read many blog posts that are wonderful and informative but have no call to action. Well, that won’t build your business or make you any money.

Tips to Boost Conversion Rate Optimization

Video – Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Create High-Quality Blog Posts – create posts that provide real value to your audience. Know the needs of your audience and write content that provides solutions to the problems they face. For example, if your audience are people who need to lose weight, you would provide content about weight loss and healthy living.
  • Include a Call to Action – if you write a blog post without telling a person what to do next, they won’t do anything. Have a focused call to action for each blog post that is congruent with the content and the solution you are providing.
  • Use Product Testimonials – when your visitors see testimonials from others about the results that they want, they’ll want to have the same product! Include product testimonials in your content to entice visitors to take action.
  • Add Video to Blog Posts – not everyone likes to read. By repurposing your blog post into a video you can capture another audience that prefers to watch videos. Be sure to embed the video in your blog post (as I have done here) and include a link to your blog post on the YouTube video page.

You can put these four tips into practice to start getting better conversion rate optimization results.

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